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Palfinger TELESCOPIC (5 - 30 TN)

Reference: Polibrazo - PALIFT -Telescopic
Brand: General

Hookloaders of Palfinger TELESCOPIC series - with their balanced relationship between own weight and strength are the true elevation-champions in the market for its payload capacity, while offering unparalleled versatility and flexibility.

The hook arm telescopically extractable allows use containers of different lengths and opening up a wide field of uses. The Palfinger TELESCOPIC T, noted for its universal and profitable performance has become essential in many professional fields.

TELESCOPIC Palfinger TA: The articulated arm of the hook with its very low elevation angle can be used for a wider variety of containers and applications. Makes loads at low altitude and use within buildings is a cinch. Models with implementing ACTS meet the standards of all railway companies and allow a perfect transfer of cargo between truck and train.


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